Pierre-Emmanuel Fehr is a photographer (1984, CH) living in Geneva and interested in social documentary and narrative photography.

His last projects were held in Greece. 

"ATOMA. Une jeunesse grecque" (2020, Georg Editions) is a long-term book project on youth in Greece with writer Isabelle Guisan. They engage in a parallel immersion in contemporary Greece, from Athenian nights to long summer days, witnessing a generation in search of meaning. Isabelle Guisan observes today's Greek youth echoing hers and takes us from meeting to meeting, evoking with a delicate gaze the experiences of anchored or transient "atoms", seasonal workers, expatriates, refugees. Pierre-Emmanuel Fehr uses film and neon light to bring us into a dream of a melancholic Athenian youth, merging into the urban night. 

"Leros, île au cœur de la crise migratoire" (2016, Georg Editions), is a book project with journalist Laure Gabus. The images tell about the refugee camp life, the island and the ruins of the old mental hospital, where past and present of Leros are overlapping. A few kilometers from the Turkish coast, Leros bears the scars of history, known for being a strategic position in the Second World War, for being the destination of deportation of political dissidents during the Regime of the Colonels and for hosting one of the most inhuman mental hospital in the world, which has been closed in 1995. Today, in the area of the old mental hospital, Greek authorities built a hotspot to centralize, control and detain migrants and refugees fleeing war. This place is converting in a detention camp, isolated in the middle of the sea.

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02.12.2023-10.03.2024 Galerie du Boléro, Versoix
27.10-15.12.2022 Leica Store Genève
08.06-24.07.2022 Athens Photo Festival, Photobook Exhibition,  
Benaki Museum, Athens
20.10-08.11.2020 Trieste Photo Days, Museo del Territorio, Cormons
12-19.09.2020 Photometria International Photography Festival, Ioannina
21.02-21.03.2020: Kammgarn West, Schaffhausen (Selection vfg.)
15.02.2020: Nuit de la photo, La-Chaux-De-Fonds (Selection vfg.)
09.01-14.01.2020: Photo Schweiz, Zurich (Selection vfg.)
24.10-09.11.2019: Oslo 8, Basel (Selection vfg.)
10–18.10.2019: Galerie Elac, Lausanne (Selection vfg.)
28.09.2019: No'Photo, Geneva biennale of photography
05.09-06.10.2019: Photobastei, Zurich (Selection vfg.)
31.08.2017-03.09.2017: Verzasca FOTO Festival, Sonogno
08.12.2016: Musée de l'Elysée (projection), Lausanne
06-30.10.2016: La Réplique, Théâtre Saint-Gervais, Geneva
06-30.10.2016: 7th European Month of Photography, Berlin
06-30.10.2016: Berlin Foto Biennale, Palazzo Italia, Berlin
09-24.09.2016: Salon Gallery, Zurich
20.07-07.08.2016: Na Kashirke Gallery (projection), Moscow
12-17.05.2016: Kolga Photo Festival, Tbilisi
19-26.02.2016: Officine Fotografiche, Roma
08-11.10.2015: The Old Truman Brewery, AOP Photography, London
06-30.10.2015: La Galerie, Geneva
16-20-09.2015: Le Cercle des Bains (Nuit des Bains), Geneva
05.05-06.07.2015: Théâtre des Amis, Geneva


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2020: Urban Photo Awards (festival selection)
2020: Athens Photo Festival (shortlisted)
2020: Photometria Award 2020 (festival selection)
2019: 23 Vfg Nachwuchsförderpreis, The Selection vfg.
2016: Prix Nicolas Bouvier, section reportage photographique (1st prize)
2016: Prix de la Photographie Paris (PX3), section professional press (1st prize) 
2016: Moscow International Foto Awards, section editorial (2nd prize)
2016: Kolga Photo Award, section reportage (festival selection)
2016: Athens Photo Festival (shortlisted)
2015: AOP Photography Award, Open Award, section series (runner up)
2015: Tokyo International Photography Competition (shortlisted)
2015: Life Framer, Open Award (runner up)